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Hire or for Sale:


Some stuff is going only together with Sound Engineer for Event (Price in Red)

      Speakers / Monitors:

1)Bose 161(2,5"x2) Black Passive Speakers x2 £160/£16, Available x6 £480/£48

2)Bose 161 (2,5"x2)White Passive Speakers x2 £160/£16, Available x4 £320/£32

3)Genelec 8020A (4") White fault £180

4)Genelec 8020A (4") Dark Grey Studio Monitor £250/£25 

5)Genelec 8020A (4") Dark Grey Studio Monitors x2 £600/£60

6)Genelec 8030A (5") Dark Grey Studio Monitors x2 £1000/£100

7)​Bose S1 Pro (6") Portable Bluetooth Speaker (103dB) no bat £500/£50

8)Bose S1 Pro (6") Portable Bluetooth Speaker (103dB) no bat £500x2 £1000/£100

9)Bose S1 Pro (6") Portable Bluetooth Speaker (103dB) batt £600/£60

10)Yamaha Stagepas 300 (8") Speakers x2 £200/£20, Available x8 £800 /£80

11)Yamaha Stagepas 400 (8") Speakers x2 £300/£30, With Mixer £550/£55

12)Proel WD10A (10") Wedge Stage Monitors £300x2 £600/£60

13)Radiotehnika S90 Passive 3-Ways Speakers £400

14)M-Audio 12" Passive Speakers 

15)JBL JRX212 (12") Passive floor monitor £140

16)Mackie SRM450 v2 12” Passive Speakers (Without amplifiers) x2 £400/£40

17)Bose F1 812 Active Speakers (1000W RMS x2) £1700 (92,83) £170

18)Bose F1 812 Active Speakers (1000W RMS x2) + Covers £1900/£190

19)JBL JRX125 (15"x2) Empty Box £120


21)Alto 15" Amplifier for Subwoofer £100

22)Infinity 12" 1250`w New drivers in the box £125x2 £250

23)Infinity 12” passive subwoofers £150x2 £300/£30

24)Hand Made 15" Passive Subwoofers  £300x3 £900/£90

25)Hand Made Marin Ply18" Passive Subwoofers £400x2 £800/£80

26)Bose B2 Passive 2x10” subwoofer x2 £500x2 £1000/£100

27)Bose F1 Active 2x10" Subwoofers £1200x3 (...95,96),£3600/£300

28)Bose F1 Active 2x10" Subwoofers +Covers £1300x3 (97,98,99) £3900/£330


   Guitar Speakers / Amplifieres:

31)Marshall MG15DFX Guitar speaker/amplifier £100

32)Marshall MG100DFX Guitar speaker/amplifier £150x2 (72) £300/ £15x2£30

33)Marshall AVT 50H Valve-Drive (no Reverb) £200 (77) £20

34)Marshall Speaker MG412 (120W RMS) £200 (75) £20

35)Marshall AVT275 Valvestate 2000 speaker / amplifier £250/£25

36)Marshall AVT 150H Guitar Amplifier £300 x2 £600 (76,78) £30x2 £60

37)Marshall MF400A Guitar Speaker 4x12” 400wRMS 8Ohms £400 (79) £40

38)Marshall MF350 H Guitar Amplifier Valve-Drive 350W £500 (80) £50


   Power Amplifieres:

41)Studiomaster 600E Amplifier (200W x2/4Om) £180/£18

42)Studiomaster 700D Amplifier (350W x2/4Om) £250/£25

43)Phonic Max1500 Amplifier (450W x2/4Om) £280/£28

44)Yamaha Amplifier P2500S (250Wx2 / 8Om) £300x3 £900 (42,43,44) £30x3 £90

45)Yamaha Amplifier P5000S (500W x2/8Om) £400 (45) £40

46)Yamaha Amplifier P5000S (500W x2/8Om) £400 (46) £40

47)Yamaha Amplifier P7000S (700W x2 /8Om) £500/£50

48)Yamaha Amplifier P3200 (520W x2/4Om) £320 (48) £32

49)Yamaha Amplifier P3200 (520W x2/4Om) £320 (49) £32

50)Yamaha Amplifier P3200 (520W x2/4Ohm) £320/£32



51)Numark M4 3 Channels Mixer £100/£10

52)Behringer RX1602 Rack Mixer £120/£12

53)Behringer P16 Personal mixer £190/£19

54)Yamaha Stagepas 400i £250x2 £500/£25x2 £50 

55)Yamaha EMX212 Active Mixer 8 Channels(200W x2) £250/£25

56)Yamaha EMX512 Active Mixer 8 Channels (500Wx2) £350/£35

57)Behringer DDM4000 Digital DJ Mixer £350/£35

58)Bose T1 ToneMatch Mixer £400/£40

59)Bose T4S ToneMatch Mixer £450/£45

60)Rode Caster PRO Mixer £500/£50

61)Behringer X32 Rack Digital Mixer £1200/£120

62)Behringer X32 Produser Digital mixer £1400/£140

63)Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixer £1600/£160 



73)Behringer Di20 Ultra-Di 2 channel Di Box £20x3 £60/£6

74)Guitar Tuner Et-3000+ £25

75)Behringer PowerPlay PM1 Personal In-Ear £35x4 £140/£14

76)Korg nano Kontrol 2 Controller £40

77)Zoom 505 Guitar pedal £50

78)Behringer Composer Pro MDX 2200 £50 (98)

79)Stereo Flanger SFL-1 Guitar Pedal £70

80)Zoom A2 Acoustic guitar Pedal £70

81)Zoon 505 II guitar Pedal £70

82)Behringer Super X CX2300 Crossover £70

83)Novation Launchpad Mini Mk2 £80

84)Digitech RP250 Guitar Pedal £90

85)Precision Gold N05CC Sound Level £100/£10

86)Behringer CX2310 v2 Crossover £100/£10

87)Olympus RS-50 Digital Voice Recorder £120/£12

88)Zoom GFX-Guitar Effects Processor £140/£14

89)Pioneer DDJ-200 DJ Controller £140/£14

90)Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface £140/£14

91)Behringer X Touch One Universal Control Surface £160

92)Phonic A6300 Headphone Amplifier £170

93)Maschine Mikro Mk2 £220/£22

94)Zood H4n Pro Recorder £240

95)Tascam CD-RW900SL Recorder £250

96)Maschine Studio Native Instrument £300/£30

97)Pioneer LPX 500 Turntable £350

98)Boss RC 505 Loop Station £450/£45

99)Behringer S16 Stage Boxes £500x2 £1000/£50x2 £100

100)Proel PC260 Digital Loudspeaker Controller £700/£70



101)Vocal-Star MP-508 Microphones £20x2 £40

102)Sony F-99B Vintage Stereo Microphone £20

103)ProSound N44QR Wireless Microphone £40

104)Behringer XM8500 Ultravoice Microphone's £20x2 £40

105)Behringer C-1 Condenser Microphone £35/£5

106)Retro Microphone NJP NP755AA Dynamic & Stand £50/£10(with Stand)

107)Ibiza Radio Microphone £60/£6

108)Tonor TW-630 Dual Wireless microphone £60/£10, Available 2 for £120/£20

109)Sennheiser EW100 transmitters £70x5=£350 (White 102-106) £7x5=£35

110)Sennheiser e845 Super-Cardioid Dynamic microphone £75/£10

111)Sennheiser EW100 receivers £80x11=£880 (White 102-112) £8x11=£88

112)Sennheiser EW300 receivers £90x5=£450 (Blue 132-136) £9x5=£45

113)Shure 545F Vintage Dynamic Microphone £95/£10

114)Sennheiser ME2 Lavalier Microphone £100x5 £500/£50

115)Shure SM57 Dynamic microphone £100/£10

116)Shure SM58 microphones £100x 3 £300/£10x3=£30

117)SE Electronics Capsule V7MC £100/£10

118)Sennheiser ME3 Microphones Headset £100x2 £200/£20

119)Sennheiser EW100 G2 transmitters £100 (Red 111) £10

120)Sennheiser EW300 G2 receiver £100/£10

121)Sennheiser ME3 II Microphone Cardioid Headset £120

122)Sennheiser L2015 Dual Charger £120x 2 £240/£24

123)Shure PG81 Condenser £120x 3 £360 / £36

124)Rode NT-1 A Studio Microphone £140x2=£280/£14x2=£28

125)Sennheiser Capsule 865 £150x4=£600/£60

126)Sennheiser EW100 G3 transmitters £200x6=£1200/£20x6=£120

127)Sennheiser EW100 G3 transmitter £200/£20

128)Sennheiser EW100 G3 receivers £250x6=£1500/£25x6=£150

129)Sennheiser EW100 G3 receivers £250x12=£3000/£25x12=£300

130)Shure Antenna Distribution System UA845UHF 782-810MHz £220/£22

131)Sennheiser EW100 G3 wireless microphones £250x6=£1500/£25x6=£150

132)Sennheiser EW100 G3 wireless microphones £250x12=£3000/£25x12=£300 (Yellow 09-16)

133)Sennheiser EW100 G3 Body Receivers 300x5 £1500/£30x5 £150 (R15,R16,R17,R18,R19)

134)Sennheiser EW100 G4 wireless microphones £300x4=£1200/£30x4=£120 (Blue 25-28)

135)Sennheiser EW100 G4 wireless microphones £300/£30 (Blue 29)

136)Sennheiser EK100 G4 GB-Band Body Receiver £330/£33 (R26)

137)Sennheiser EM100 G4 GB-Band Receiver £350/£35 New

138)Sennheiser ASA1 Active Antenna Spliter £400x2 £800 / £40x2 £80

139)Shure SM7B Studio Microphone & stand £400/£40


      In-Ear Monitors:

141)Sennheiser EW300 G3 Body Transmitter 606-648MHz (T04, T05, T06) £250x3 £750/£25x3 £75

142)Sennheiser EW300 IEM G3 Transmitter 606-648MHz (T07) £300/£30

143)Sennheiser EW300 IEM G3 Transmitter 734-776MHz (13,14,15) £300x3 £900/£30x3 £90

144)Sennheiser EW300 IEM G3 Transmitter 823-865MHz (09,10,11,12) £300x4 £1200/£30x4 £120

145)Sennheiser EW300 IEM G3 Body Receiver 606-648MHz (R04,R05,R06,08) £400x4 £1600/£40x4 £160

146)Sennheiser EW300 IEM G3 Body Receiver 734-776MHz(13,14,15) £400x3 £1200/£40x3 £120

147)Sennheiser EW300 IEM G3 Body Receiver 823-865MHz(09) £400/£40

148)Sennheiser EW300 IEM G4 Body Receiver 606-648MHz (07,25) £450x2 £900/£45x2 £90

149)Sennheiser EW/SR IEM G4 Transmitter 606-648MHz (T03/04, T05/06, T7) £500x3 £1500/£50x3 £150



151)Bluedio Turbine Hurrcane wireless Headphones £25

152)Basn Singer Voice Headphones £30 (Availablex3) £90

153)Sennheiser PC320 G4ME Headphones with Microphone £80

154)Yamaha HPH-MT8 Studio Headphones £80

155)Beats Solo HD Wired Headphones £100

156)Bose AE2 Headphones 2017 £150

157)Bose AE2 Headphones 2021 £160

158)Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones £200

159)Beats Agne's Wireless Headphones £240 



164)Stagg DS04 Drumstick Bag £10 + Drumsticks £5x3 £15

165)Maracas 2x£10=£20

166)Matador by LP Maracas 2x£10=@20

167)Yamaha Soprano YRS-302BII recorder £20

168)Stagg 20 jingles Tambourine £20

169)Djembe Small Size drum's 20cm (8") 2x£20=£40

170)Rhythm Tech Tamburine £30

171)Hohner Pro Harp harmonica £35

172)Djembe Medium Small size drum 30cm (12") £30

173)Djembe Medium Size drum's 40cm(16") 2x£40=£80

174)Hohner Band Harmonica £70

175)Westfield Electro / Acoustic guitar £80/£8

176)Bag Pipe £100

177)Earth Fire Solar Flare Electro Accoustic guitar £100/£10

178)Akai MPK Mk3 mini keyboard red/black £100/£10

179)Millenium (HH-903)Hi-Hat £100/£10

180)CB Drums Stand for Crash/Ride £100/£10

181)Clarinet Academy £100/£10

182)Meinl Cymbal set Hi-hat, 18'Crash, 20"Ride £120/£12

183)Tanglewood TW28SN Accoustic guitar £140/£14

184)Hohner Super Chromonica Harmonica £145/£15

185)Cajon Meinl drum £150/£15

186)Ibanez Gio black electric guitar (Unfinished) £160/£16

187)Djembe drum £170/£17

188)Bundy Flute Selmer Company U.S.A. £180/£18

189)Clarinet Yamaha 250 £200/£20

190)Novation Impulse 49 £200/£2

191)Ibanez Gio GSA60 JB Blue Electric guitar £220/£22

192)Yamaha RGX110 Red electric guitar 1987 £250/£25

193)Yamaha RGX112 Yellow electric guitar £270/£27

194)Yamaha RGZ611M Yellow electric guitar £300/£30

195)Roland TD-3 Drum Set £350/£35

196)Epiphone EJ-200CE/VN Electro Acoustic Guitar £600/£100

197)Epiphone EJ-200CE/VS Electro Acoustic Guitar £700/£100

198)Yamaha Digital Saxophone YDS-150 £700/£100

199)Gibson Les Paul Electric guitar £2500/£250

200)Yamaha Tyros 5 Digital Workstation £2500/£250


     Other: Home:

202)Sony Centre speaker £10

203)Sony active 3D glasses x3 £20 per pair, £60

204)Sony Blue ray player £30 each x 2 =£60

205)Denon S101 Subwoofer £40

206)Aiwa Front surround Speakers £50

207)Amazon Alexa Echo (2nd Gen)Charcoal fabric £60 x2 £120

208)Amazon Alexa Echo Plus Charcoal fabric £80

209)Technics Amplifiere £80

210)Samsung PS-WF450 Wireless Subwoofer £80

211)Sony Active subwoofer £90

212)Samsung Galaxy 8 Phone £100

213)Apple TV Gen 2 £100 x2 £200

214)Yamaha YST-SW105 Active subwoofer 8" £120

215)Yamaha RX-V396RDS Amplifier £120

216)Apple TV Gen 5th 4K 32Gb £170

217)Pioneer VSX-D814-S receiver £180

218)Epson EB-570 HDMI Projector £200

219)iPhone 12 Max Pro £250

220)GoPro Hero 8 Video camera £280

221)iPad 10.2” 2020 £320

222)iPhone 13 Max Pro £350

223)Samsung UHD TV 42” Series 7 £420

224)Samsung TV 50” Series 8 £500

225)Samsung Laser Printer 4300 £600

226)Sony Bravia 65” 4K £800

227)iPhone 14 Max Pro £1000

228)iMac Book Air 13,3” (M1,2020) 251Gb SSD, RAM 8Gb £1000

229)iMac 27” Retina 5K Late 2015 480Gb SSD, RAM 32Gb DDR3 £1200

230)iMac 27” Retina 5K Late 2020 500Gb SSD, RAM 8Gb DDR4 £2000


      Stands, Lights, Racks:

231)Millenium cable drum Reel AV110 £15x3 Total £45

232)Desk Mic Stand OSS DS720B £15x4 £60

233)Microphones stands £15x3 Total £45

234)Speaker pole’s Citronic and Back £20x4 Total £80

235)Stands for Notes £25 x2 Total £50

236)Guitars stand £25 x3 Total £75

237)Gravity GSP23332B Speaker Pole 35mm to M20 £25

238)Bubble machine £30

239)Small drawer for rack 19" Amazon £35

240)Stands for Speakers £30x2 Total £60

241)Soud LAB G027EB Cable Tester £35

242)Mini Laser Stage lighting £40

243)BeamZ S500 Smoke Machine £40

244)Gorilla GSM-100 Triangle Base Speaker Stand £50

245)Keyboard X Stand with 2 extensions  Total £50

246)KAM MiniColour 1 LED light £50

247)Gravity MS2222 B Microphone Stand Small £50/£5

248)Gravity MS2322 Microphone Stand £50x5 £250/£25

249)Gravity 321 microphone Stand £50x4 £200/£5x4 £20

250)Gravity SP3202 Monitors Stands £55x2 £110/£11

251)8 Channels Stage Box Snake cable £60/£10

252)K&M 26736 Speaker Pole 35mm to M20 & Bag £60x2 £120

253)Stugg Hard case for Jumbo Acoustic guitar £60

254)Party Lights Laser Stage lighting £60

255)DTX Lights Laser £70

256)LED 30 Flashlight £70

257)Gravity LTS01B Laptop & DJ Controller Stand £80

258)Hard Case for Acoustic Guitar (£100x2) £200

259)Boss BCB60 Guitar Pedalboard £120/£12

260)Ibanez Hard Electric guitar case £130/£13

261)Behringer Eurolight LS2412 Controler £140

262)Abasi Concepts Custom Hardshell Case £150

263)Yamaha Stand for keyboard Tyros 5 £200


       Flight cases/Racks (HxWxD):

271)Rack Drawer 2U for Microphones (90x436x392) £50/£5

272)Thon Inlay 4/4ew Series and 6/0ew Series £53 x3 Total £159/£16

273)Gator 6U flying case £60

274)Hard Flight Case for Microphones Red Handles (???x500x400) £80/£8

275)Hard Flying Case for Mixer with the rails inside (620x520x170) £80/£8

276)Small Cobra Flight Rack Case x4 Sennheiser (135x500x360) £50x2 £100/£10

277)Small Cobra Flight Rack Case x8 Sennheiser (225x500x360) £100/£10

278)Hard Flight case for Turntable (203x490x445) £100/£10

279)Hard Flying case’s slim (160x890x230) £100x2 £200/£20

280)Half Big Flight case on double wheels (900x665x300)1010 with wheels £100/£10

281)Half Big Flight case on double wheels (900x665x300)1010 with wheels £100/£10

282)Small Flight Hard Case for Mixer Open Top & Front no rails (380x540x610/540) £160/£16

283)Small Touring Flight Rack Case (460x600x570/400) £200/£20

284)DJ "Magma" Hard Flight Case for Pioneer DDJ-RR (195x635x465) £200/£20

285)DJ"TIP flight Ready" Hard Case (220x775x485) £200/£20

286)DJ Flight Case (Trevor) (420x530x580/490) £200/£20

287)DJ Flight Case for Behringer X32 Producer mixer (540x525x580/490) £200/£20

288)Hard Flight Case for Behringer X32 Compact Mixer (265x685x685) £200/£20

289)Hard Flight Case for Behringer X32 Biggest mixer (265x950x685) £200/£20

290)Hard "Gorilla" 2 Turntables & Mixer Flight Case (235x1180x545) £200/£20

291)Hard "RockCase" Keyboard (Korg Extreme) Flight Case (245x1510x485) £200/£20

292)Hard "Road Runner" Keyboard (Tyros 5) Flying Case (230x1600x620) £200/£20

293)Flight Case the Biggest one (Whit the Wheels 1120mm) (1042x610x555) £200/£20

294)19”Touring rack Case £200/£20

295)12U 19’ Flight Rack convert to the Table £300/£30


        Bose spare parts:

301)Bose remote control for Bose Sound Dock £10 each (Available 3xWhite, 2xBlack)

302)Bose remote control for Sound Dock Portable £15 each (Available 3xGrey & 1xBlack)

303)Bose Companion 3 one single Speaker on the stand £20

304)Bose Sound link Mini charging pad £20 (Available x2, 1st & 2nd Generation)

305)Bose Sound dock for parts (Brocken connection) £20 each (Available x7 Black)

306)Bose Sound dock for parts (Brocken connection) £20 each (Available x3 White)

307)Bose Jewel Mini Cube Speaker £25 each (Available x2 Black, x1 White)

308)Bose Original Power supply 18V for Sound Dock 4 Pins £30 each (Available x5 Black)

309)Bose Original Power supply 18V for Sound Dock Series II £30 each (Available x2 Black)

310)Bose Original Power Supply 20V for Sound Dock Portable £30 each (Available x3)

311)Bose Acoustimass Single cube £30 (Available x2 Black)

312)Bose Original 33V Power Supply £40 each (Available x2 Black)

313)Bose Original 12V Power Supply for AV35 £40

314)Bose Original Bag for Sound Dock £40

315)Bose Wave DAB Module (Grey) £40

316)Bose Sound Link Mini for Spares 1st Generation £40

317)Bose Sound Link Mini for Spares 2nd Generation £50

318)Bose Sound Link Revolve II for Spares £50

319)Bose Sound Dock Bluetooth & Remote control £50 each (Available Black or White)

320)Bose Sound Dock Series II Bluetooth & Remote control £70 each (Available x3 Black)

321)Bose Life Style 5 Main unit £75 each (Available x2)

322)Bose Acoustimass 5 subwoofer £80

323)Bose 321 Subwoofer £80

324)Bose 321 or Cinemate Speakers £80 a pair (Available x8 Grey)

325)Bose 321 II Main Unit £80 each (Available x2 Grey)

326)Bose Acoustimass Double Cube Speakers £80 a pair (Available x7 White)

327)Bose Acoustimass Double Cube Speakers £80 a pair (Available x5 Black)

328)Bose Wave Music System (White) £80

329)Bose LifeStyle SA2 amplifier £80 (Available x2 Black)

330)Bose 321GS Small Speakers £90 (Available 2x Black , 1 Silver)  

331)Bose Sound Dock Portable With Battery £100 (Available x3 Black, x1 White)

332)Bose LifeStyle SA3 amplifier £100 (Available x5 Black)

333)Bose Lifestyle 25 Subwoofer £100

334)Bose Model AV18 Media Center Main Unit £100

335)Bose Model AV28 Media Center Main Unit £100

336)Bose Model AV38 Media Centre Main Unit £100

337)Bose PS38 Subwoofer £100  

338)Bose 321 II Subwoofer £100

339)Bose Sound Link Color II £100 (Light Grey)

340)Bose Model PS28 Subwoofer £100 (White)

341)Bose Solo TV Sound System £110 (Available x4 Black)

342)Bose 321 III Subwoofer £120

343)Bose Cinemate Digital Subwoofer £120 (Available x2 Black)

344)Bose Sound Link Air Black £120 (Available x5 Black)

345)Bose Acoustimass 5 Series III Subwoofers £130 (Available x2 Black)

346)Bose Solo 5 TV Sound bar Bluetooth no remote £140

347)Bose Solo 5 TV Sound bar Bluetooth + Universal remote control £160

348)Bose Touch 10 bluetooth speakers £160 each (Available x2 Black)

349)Bose Acoustimass 5 White Subwoofer £80 + 2 cube white speakers £200

350)Bose 321 Home Cinema II +Bluetooth £220

351)Bose Cinemate System £260 (Available x4 Grey)

352)Bose Cinemate System Series II £280 (Available x2 Black)

353)Bose Acoustimass 300 / Base 700 Subwoofer £500

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